Truths, Mistruths


Hypocrites, persecutors, judgmental beings. Persuades you to come to them but actually will make you feel less of a human being. You wanna get healed but ends up feeling worse than a leper. Is that the price of being honest? Why go to a place that belittles you? They have the truths but the people are just mistruths.

Read the books, they are enlightening, transcends you into space. Hear the words you can relate to, inspires you and uplift your spirit, thats so true.

Some things are just not right especial if you are not feeling right. Been bad but why feel bad everytime I enter the place? The hypocrites’ judgmental bionic eyes are sniping, you are that perfect huh? Do you really have to remind me of the mistake I did as if I am a terrorist who bombs the concert of Ariana? I am a nurse, I help people. I fulfill the role of a good Samaritan, helping strangers. I give care to the sick and the needy. Am I bad enough?

I am a child of my parents, the eldest among my siblings, I help my family, I’m raising the stakes for them. Am I bad enough?

I dont drugs. I dont drink nor smoke. Am I bad enough?

Aren’t we all the same? Sinners. We are all sinners, seeking for a refuge, a charger when the world drains you out. Don’t make me feel worse. I feel bad already.

Love me like the way I felt your love before when I am good. I deserve more love now, not your sniffs and huhhh…

Getting here arouses more questions in my mind. Without the book, I could have left it long time. People are people. People destroys it. People make it all different.

I’ll keep on searching for truths cus I am not satisfied. Even if philosophy will drive my life, I’ll take it. My knowledge won’t be still, I’ll learn more. I won’t encapsulate my learning using only 1 religion. I will seek everything because I believe everything has a reason.


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